We have always loved soap.  However, during the pandemic soap became even more of a necessity than before, "Wash your hands!" became an order.  Celebrities recorded videos to show us how to do it. Soap became a way of life. The following is the story of how, for the McVey family, this became even more true. 

Due to all the additional hand washing and use of sanitisers, Arran, the youngest McVey, suffered from red, itchy and sore hands.  Arran's Daddy told his Papa about it.  Papa, a Master Craftsman baker, of over 50 years, grabbed some equipment from the bakery and set to work to make the first soap. He was surprised how much his skills as a baker were transferable to soap making.

Four weeks later, Papa's first batch of soap was ready.  Just like the bread Papa makes, the soap was free from many harsh chemicals replacing them with gentler, natural ingredients.  The results were astounding. Within a day of switching Arran from expensive "super-sensitive" supermarket-bought soap, to Papa's soap his hands were no longer rough and red.

Not long after the first batch of soap was made, the country went into Lockdown. As a result, our bakery was forced to close its doors. With the supermarket shelves bare, Papa’s time was freed up to bake for our local community. The bread, scones (and other delicious treats) surprise drop-offs became the highlight of all our neighbours (yes we all live on the same street) and at the same time, he popped in a few bars of his soap.

This is where things got interesting. We are used to getting a lot of praise about our bread but the response to the soap was surprising.  More and more people reported similar improvements in their own and their children’s skin. Then came the request that put us onto the path to where we are today “Can you make some more as I would like to buy some?”.

This is where I introduce Arran’s Mummy and Nanna.  Arrans Mummy was already an avid user of artisanal soap, shampoo and conditioner bars. She spent hours talking with Nanna about what she had found worked and what didn’t.  Nanna then took this on and began researching and sourcing our key ingredients. Nanna helped Papa to refine the recipes and turn their garage into a fully kitted out soap kitchen.  With Nanna now on board the basic soap quickly evolved into the fantastic set of products you see today...in fact she was so instrumental, Arran started calling it Nanna's soap.

While we ran the soap kitchen with the same high standards that we had run the bakery, it was still just a hobby for us all during Lockdown.  This changed when people started giving us their feedback, it was astounding:

“My psoriasis disappeared, I ran out of your miracle bar, and it came back. As soon as I got another, it went away again. I can't be without it now!”
“I’ve always had dry skin, and I can't believe after only a couple of uses it's gone, and my skin feels so good.”
“My leggings feel like they glide on now.”
“My daughter had eczema really bad, and the soap has helped so much.”
“My hair has never been in such good condition.”
“I’ve had stretch marks for five years, and they are now finally going away.”
“I now send my son to school with your soap, after two days his hands went from sandpaper, to how they were before COVID.”
“They smell so good!”
“You have to make this business work, and I cannot be without your miracle bar.”


Papa made the first soap for Arran, we expanded it as a bit of fun. What we didn't expect was for customers coming back to stock up on more, with tales of small miracles. We can't quite believe it all. So, still in a bit of shock, we are launching Nature Inspired, it’s no longer just a hobby.

The idea for the original soap bar, came from our LOVE for Arran. So we decided to frame the principles of Nature Inspired and our commitment to you our customers, around those letters:

Luxury All our products will be handcrafted to the highest possible standards with lingering fragrances, tactile textures and vibrant colours. Our products will be a daily indulgence.
Organic We commit, where possible, to use natural organic ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, rice protein, agave syrup and many more.
Vegan - All ingredients will be 100% plant-based and cruelty-free.
Ethical Integrity will be at the heart of our products and their ingredients. At every stage of our journey, we will be uncompromising in ensuring the highest ethical and environmental standards.

    I am so proud of all my family in how we took the adversity of having to close our almost 50-year-old business and turned it into an opportunity launch another; we hope you will get as much pleasure from our products as we do. 

    Arran’s Daddy.